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All In One

LezGo is a software designed by CONCREE. It is the world’s first ERM (Entrepreneur Relationship Management) software that provides you with a unique place to attract, empower entrepreneurs. Also measure your impact on entrepreneur’s business model and showcase your success stories.

Application form

Customizable online application form easy to share through your communication channels.


Applicant pipeline analysis and online screening and scoring by evaluators.


Assess the entrepreneur’s skills, business model and need for financial and social capital.

Incubation roadmap

Set up an incubation/acceleration plan that meet each entrepreneur expectation.

Peer support

An open discussion channel for entrepreneurs to share news, resources, ask questions...

Business model tool

Dynamic and collaborative value proposition and business model tool to concretly help entrepreneurs make progress.

Individual coach sessions

Plan, prepare and document coaching and mentoring sessions with the entrepreneurs.


Track your programme’s impact on startup’s business models.

Activity report

Easily export and share your activity report your sponsors and partners.

Incubation performance

Hire our incubation intelligence tools and capacity to successfully manage your call for applications, conduct precise assessment of entrepreneurs and set up the best incubation programme that will drive your incubees to significant progress.

Incubation outsourcing

Understaffed or lack time to manage your incubation programme, our experienced team can help you manage your incubation activities from call for applications to the incubation exit.

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We are impatiently looking forward to discover your programme, your performance expectations and see how LezGo could help you in the progress.

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Let’s talk

Interested in knowing more about LezGo ? Or just want to chat about startups support at different level and or entrepreneur ecosystem development and how it could help entrepreneurs make progress ? We strongly encourage you to reach out ;)

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